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2019-01-28 21:41
Inför Anthem


Mina intryck av Anthem-testet nu i helgen var blandat. Jag gillar konceptet med javelins och världen är väldigt fin och jag gillar att det finns många olika platser att utforska. Jag kände av en del Destiny 1-vibbar såklart. När jag först hörde om Destiny så tänkte ju jag att man skulle spela i ett härligt Sci-fi RPG tillsammans med sina vänner, typ lik Guild Wars - man träffar andra spelare i en hub sedan ger man sig ut i sin egen instans. Men just det att man var insnärjad i en härligt story - likt Dragon Age Origins eller The Witcher 3.

Men så var inte fallet och det har såklart färgat mig. Den känslan sköljde över mig nu när jag lirade Anthem - men sedan försvann den, fast inte helt. Vet inte om det beror på att folk hade problem att ta sig in i spelet, men på något sätt så var det inte lika påtagligt som jag trodde. Att man sedan verkligen ska få spela ett story-spel i en multiplayer-shooter känns som att hångla med sin kusin.. Lite sådär småskumt, halvt olagligt och en smula ologiskt. (Man kommer ju inte direkt längre bort från släkten på julafton).

Det äventyr man fick spela kändes lite meh - tror dock att det beror på att det inte riktigt finns någon kontext - som att öppna en oläst bok och startar på kapitel 13.

Grafiken är det inget att orda om mer än att det ser väldigt fint ut. Att man sedan kan måla sin javelin i princip hur som helst kan jag tycka stör inlevelsen lite. En knallgul och super orange rusting bredvid en limegrön och rödprickig en - förstår ju varför men nja.

Jag kommer vänta på FZ och se vad som sägs - och såklart från er alla andra.

Bjuder på lite sammanställd Ctrl+C - för er som vill läsa på lite om vad Anthem handlar om.

Vad handlar det om?

Dive into an unfinished world ravaged by the Anthem, an energy source of pure creation that causes catastrophic disasters, violent storms, and terrifying mutations. Unleash your power with the javelins, suits of armor that give you superhuman abilities and help you fight back against overwhelming odds.

At the heart of Anthem™ is a unique concept called Our World, My Story. It forms the foundation for how Anthem combines a shared world and a personal single-player story into one seamless experience.

Our World
One of the great things about Anthem is that its shared world is able to sync weather, day/night cycles, and even large-scale events for every player around the globe (through the use of dedicated servers). So when your friend on the other hemisphere is in your group, you can be sure that they’re seeing the same environments that you are. That’s important because there may be certain events that only trigger in daytime or nighttime.
This is the “Our World” part of Our World, My Story. Imagine you’re out in the world on a mission, it’s dark and it’s storming. It messes with your visibility and you and your friends experience it all at the exact same time. This creates real “Did you see that?” moments that emphasize the importance of camaraderie and triumphing as one. You can jump into an in-game party with friends and help them take on their own missions, or choose to explore the Anthem world at your own pace and go looking for your next adventure together.
The world of Anthem is dynamic, and it will undergo huge transformations as the game goes forward. So how do you provide that and still give players a meaningful single-player narrative? Well, that’s where “My Story” comes in.

My Story
When you return to Fort Tarsis, you step into your own single-player experience. Here you'll develop your relationships, make choices, and see the consequences of your actions. As your decisions weigh on the world around you, the people of Fort Tarsis will react to your presence accordingly. They’ll remember how you’ve interacted with them before, and they might not be too happy about it.

You'll also get to regroup with your crew, getting to know them a little bit better as you progress. Your crew tags along in the strider, your towering mobile base of operations, but here in Fort Tarsis they’ve got the chance to stretch their legs between missions. As other characters in the game come to trust you they will reveal more of their personal history, as well as additional story details that you may not see otherwise.

As you explore the city-fortress, you'll come in contact with agents seeking your aid as a Freelancer. These agent missions will take you deeper into the factions that operate within the world of Anthem, and open up new avenues of relationships with the agents themselves. Each adventure you complete will give you a better sense of the factions around you, as well as your responsibilities as a Freelancer.

And once you’ve had your chance to explore, pick up new missions and contracts, and maybe even give your javelins a new paint job, you can head back into the wilds of Anthem again.

Our World, My Story
Our World, My Story is key to the Anthem experience. The larger world is shaped by shared, dynamic, world-scale events, while individual players still have the freedom to make the world their own through personal choices.
Developing your personal story adds to the missions you can take into the shared world, and your achievements in the shared world will add to the depth of your personal story. These two halves of Our World, My Story are seamlessly knit together, creating a richer experience for every Freelancer.
The fate of Fort Tarsis, the Freelancers, and ultimately humanity rests on your shoulders, and it’s up to you to decide how you’ll proceed on this journey through the unfinished world of Anthem.

Människor och platser

The Freelancers
It’s only been a few centuries since the Legion of Dawn fought back the deadly forces of this raging world and created a safe place for their people to live within. But the dangers outside humanity’s fortified cities never truly disappear, and an old enemy called the Dominion is rising anew to threaten that hard-won peace.
You are a Freelancer, an elite javelin pilot dedicated to protecting Fort Tarsis and the ones you love. To do this, you and your team must venture into the deadly world and stop the Dominion, no matter the cost.

Fort Tarsis
Fort Tarsis is a fortified settlement where you interact with a cast of unique characters from all walks of life, pick up contracts from different factions, upgrade your javelins, and more.
Fort Tarsis is your ultimate center of operations and a beacon to return to when the day is through. All adventures begin and (if you’re lucky) end back at the Fort.

Named after General Helena Tarsis, the leader of the Legion of Dawn, Fort Tarsis is one of several walled cities built after the Legion freed humanity from the chaos that engulfed their world.
Fort Tarsis contains the Forge, where Freelancers can customize the gear attached to their javelin and personalize its appearance.
Fort Tarsis is where you’ll dive into Anthem’s single-player role-playing experience, meet new characters, and bond with them.

Your Crew and Your Friends
When you’re out in the world of Anthem, your crew will have your back, assisting you with mission intel, maintaining your mobile base of operations, and piling on the banter. You can meet and talk with them in the confines of Fort Tarsis, where you can get to know them, their stories, and their hopes for the future:
Owen is an optimistic and ambitious young cypher who’s learning the trade at your side. He can get himself in trouble in his urge to prove himself but is always enthusiastic and vital to the success of your missions.

Faye is a mysterious cypher who comes from a prestigious background. She is fascinated by the Anthem of Creation and driven to learn more about it, to the point that her personal relationships have suffered.
Haluk is a grumpy but dedicated Freelancer who keeps your javelin in working order. He’s a legend in the Freelancer world and your begrudging mentor, though he hasn’t suited up himself in quite a while.

Meanwhile, other players will join you in javelins of their own and team up with you in the world outside Fort Tarsis. Together, you’ll complete missions, find gear, and earn experience points to level up your suits.

The Dominion
A ferocious militaristic society in the mountainous North, the Dominion seeks to subjugate all of humanity under their rule. They have long been your enemy, but now the Monitor, a ruthless Dominion commander, believes he can harness the the power of the Anthem and use it to end all the “needless suffering” he has seen.
It’s up to you to stop him from seizing control of it. If that happens, it will be too late to stop him.


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